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The Neptune Space IRON MASK is OCEAN REEF's top of the line mask specifically designed for use in contaminated water. Each external part in direct contact with high amounts of chemicals and aggressive hydrocarbons has been made with special raw materials. In particular, the IRON Mask has the following unique parts:

  • Inhalation diaphragm, Exhalation valve, Purge button and Face seal composed of FVMQ rubber
  • Stainless steel AISI 316 frame, buckles and adjustment knob
  • Anodized Anticorodal®, Front Cover.

The sturdy feeling of the mask's design allows divers to make sensitive micro adjustments to the airflow, even when using gloves. Surface treatments protect the mask from salt water damage and tech polymer protection treatments allow the Neptune Space IRON MASK to be used in extreme conditions. The Glacier strap is composed of HNBR rubber compound for extreme low temperatures.

Total weight 1090g (2.40lb) with a positive buoyancy of 172g (0.40lb)Technical characteristics