Predator with Visor Lights

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The Neptune Space PREDATOR mask is constructed with parts made of Anodized Anticorodal®, a light weight and durable aluminium compound used in aeronautics for applications requiring high mechanical resistance.

The front cover of the mask’s state-of-the-art integrated  regulator is made of laser-cut Anodized Anticorodal® and has a light gold finish. The adjustable knob and its internal trim screw are all made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

The sturdy feeling of the mask’s design allows divers to make sensitive micro adjustments to the airflow, even when using gloves. 

The total weight of the mask is 1030 g (2.28lb) with a positive buoyancy of just 232 g (0.5lb), creating a light and comfortable fit. The Neptune Space Predator is a nitrox compatible mask up to 40%. The PREDATOR is specifically designed for professional and high performance applications and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

• 6 powerful LED lights.

• Switch does not exclude SAV (surface air valve).

• 75-lumen output/LED.

• 100,000-hour light life.

• 12-degree beam angle.

• Light colour TYP 5,500 – MAX 10,000 Kº.

• 3 hour burn time, depending on the type of rechargeable battery.

• Waterproof to 80 m (260 ft.).

• Rechargeable CR 123 3v lithium battery included.

• Battery charger.

NOTE: Though these lights are powerful, using them as a primary light source is not recommended. Visor Lights are available pre-assembled on a newly ordered mask (on demand) or may be applied on any IDM, using prepared adhesive tape or factory mounting (hole drilling) at customer’s preference.