User Courses

Ocean Reef Integrated Diving Masks and Underwater Communications bring innovation, increased comfort and safety to the world of recreational scuba diving. Proper training is essential to ensure you get to grips with both the IDM and Underwater Communications. We recommend that the best approach is to separate the training for the mask and comms. Master the IDM first, then perfect the art of communicating underwater with correct protocol for optimum clarity. 

Integrated Diving Mask speciality:

You will learn how to ‘drive’ the IDM for optimum performance and enjoyment.

  • What are the various parts and how they integrate into one system
  • How to breathe using an IDM
  • How to set up the IDM
  • Donning and Doffing
  • Removal and Replacement techniques for in water safety drills

Underwater Communications speciality:

You will learn when, why and how to communicate effectively underwater. From sharing the joy of fish spotting to enhanced logistics support, safety, or instructing, being able to communicate effectively underwater will enhance all of your diving experiences.

  • How underwater communication works
  • Correct intonation and enunciation
  • Correct communications protocol
  • Care and maintenance of your communications unit


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